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Today people have long working hours and the entire work is done while sitting. This, as numerous studies suggest, takes a toll on the health. That is why a keyboard stand and a Stand up desk for your monitor is a good idea because a Standing desk and a Monitor riser will help you work while standing, which will give you a break from sitting and work for your health.

A good number of us work in the offices. And among those of us who do, the majority have to do it sitting down in front a computer at a desk. No escape from that if we want to keep the job. And it is not just the offices. When you are working from home, you usually work sitting down. Most of us have to use a computer for a length of time. That is a sitting down job. There are other jobs such as writing, painting, fixing electronic goods, crafting on wood, doing leather work etc. that will need you to sit down while doing the job. Now the longer we stay in the sitting posture, according to some researchers, our chances of getting heart diseases, diabetes and obesity may double or even triple.

Of course, it is not just work that we do while sitting down. Some people are too hooked to gaming to leave the computer for a while. Some people simply love to chat. Again some people are hooked to movies and they watch them on their computers. Most of these people are kids. So how to get them see the bad in sitting down for a long time?Well, if you cannot help not doing your work at the computer or at anything, you can do it while standing. That you can do with the help of a Stand up desk. With a Standing desk and your work stuff on it, you do not have to sit down. In fact you can do your work while standing.

Now you may be wondering why standing would be any better. Of course, standing for a long time is not good either. But you do not have to stand for a long time. You will simply need to stand for a while to give yourself a break from sitting down. There is an enzyme in our body that is called lipase. It is responsible for fat burning and cholesterol processing. Basically, it moves fat from other tissues to muscle tissues where that fat is burned. Researchers say, when you are sitting for about 20 minutes, lipase circulation practically stops. This makes you prone to obesity, bad cholesterol levels, heart diseases etc. So you must give yourself a break from sitting at least every twenty minutes because when you stand up, lipase circulation gets automatically activated. This way you can naturally activate lipase circulation. Standing up does not involve drugs whose side effects are not known. So this is the healthy way to do whatever you do at your computer.

If you work at a desktop computer, then a Monitor riser would be what you need, along with a keyboard stand. With the monitor riser you can have your monitor at your eyes’ level when you stand up. The keyboard stand will keep the keyboard at a height where it is comfortable for you to use it while standing up. You can get your stand up desk online as well.


This article makes you familiar with the importance of a Monitor riser or a keyboard stand. The desk jobs now-a-days requires more sitting for 16 to 17 hours rather than standing up. So it is wise to use a Standing desk to relax your leg muscles. There are a variety of Stand up desk available, choose the best one from the market.

The one who are into laptops and computers for the whole day, say around for 16 to 17 hours can face severe health problems. To make you overcome and prevent you from the health problems you can opt for a monitor riser. The advancement of technology gifted you with a laptop with which you can work at any of your leisure places and now you are with a stand up desk. It is a modern solution of raising your monitor. It is a slim modern stand which you can place on your desk and place your laptop or monitor on top of it. This will give a chance to your leg to stand up and provide some health benefits.Standing allows your body to move continuously and flex your muscles. It keeps your blood circulating well and keeps your blood pressure normal. Standing desk also regulates your blood sugar and prevents you from being diabetic.

Sitting for continuous hour’s causes various kinds diseases like diabetes, cardiac diseases and blood clotting in thromboses. While most seated desks are of standard height, there is no set height for staand up desk. An average person now-a-days spends maximum of its time sitting in front of computer or TV which also giving a hike to the obesity rate. Do you take computers that way? Of only sitting and working? Things have become more and more modernized with the Monitor riser and the keyboard stand. This standing desk makes you burn your calories which could have caused you serious health hazards. The more you sit the shorter your life becomes. keyboard stand and monitor riser keeps you energetic for an entire day and makes you more focused towards your work. Me in the profession of blogging, it can cherish more if am more focused on my work which is possible only with my constant body movement.

Long stretches of physical inactivity can have harmful effects and increases the chances of death by 15 percent. Which kind of Stand up desk is really appropriate for you? Some of them are Euroflex Stand Up Workstation, Treadmill desk, Geek desk, Kangaroo pro and many others. The most dreadful disease is cancer and over sitting can cause you colon cancer, kidney cancer, cancer on your kidneys or pancreas. Better off to spent some money of yours and free yourself from the hazards of these dangerous diseases. While the evidence linking up sedentary behavior of various illness is mounting, it remains difficult for many people to find time to get up on their feet and flex their muscles especially if they are doing desk jobs.

Monitor riser improves your ergonomics, your health, your focus, your mood and your productivity. But the advantages of everything have its disadvantages too. Standing desks also causes fatigue due to prolonged standing, aches on your back and knees and varicose veins. I am the one who is facing health problems because of prolong sitting so am opting for a standup desk. Desk riser is one of healers of your pains.


At staandupdesk we offer keyboard stand and Stand up desk. Today work and even online entertainment keep people in a sitting posture for a long time. The Standing desk and monitor riser we offer are for standing and working at the same time.

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